Can I Send Money From Cash App to Paypal?

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  • September 02, 2020
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Can I send money from Cash App to Paypal?

Cash App is one of the popular mobile payment applications that were developed by Square, Inc. (Formerly known as Square Cash). It is a peer-to-peer money transfer platform that has 7 million active users as of Feb 2018. It has facilitated its users to spend money directly using the associated debit card option.


While if we talk about Paypal, It is a payment system that allows its users to transfer money to someone else in a safe way and without allowing an individual to know their bank account directly.

PayPal Cashapp

Both Cash App and Paypal are the money transfer modes that allow their users to perform transactions without any hassle. There are cases when multiple questions often knock to the user’s mind regarding the use of these applications. One such query that often adds to the user’s query list is, “Can I send money from Paypal to cash App?” If you have such types of queries and you are looking for the answers to these, you have landed on the right page. We have the solutions to all your problems. Keep reading this blog to get the exact answer.

Send Money from Paypal to Cashapp

We would like to inform you that you should be aware of some of the facts while using these money transfer applications. One such fact is, you cannot transfer money from the cash app to PayPal. You are not going to succeed if you are thinking of doing this activity. Though it is not possible to transfer money directly from the cash app to PayPal, there exists an alternative method.

The only way with which you can transfer money from the cash app to PayPal is, if there is a bank account common to both Cash App and Paypal, you can withdraw from Cash App to your bank account and then transfer funds from the linked bank account to Paypal. There is no such facility with which you can add funds with a PayPal card; card use is mainly for transactions or money sending.

Whether you wish to send money from the cash app to PayPal or vice-versa, it is not possible to do either directly. It is required to add an extra step to send money which is, transferring the money to the linked bank account first.


We are hoping that this information would be helpful to you. Further, In case you have any issues or any query regarding the use of Cash App, You can reach us anytime. You can directly visit our website for getting any more information. We are waiting to assist you with our support services!!

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