Cash App Verification Explained by Cash App fix

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  • December 14, 2020
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With the help of Cash App, sending or receiving money has become a matter of seconds. Users can now conveniently transfer money within only a few simple clicks. Cash App has facilitated its users with lucrative features they can make use of for their swift money transaction. Though there are multiple benefits associated with the Cash App that users are aware of. But it has less payment sending issues. A few users are aware of this fact, but one more fact is this you can increase your Cash App money sending limit. To do so, you just have to undergo a full cash app verification process.

Since not everyone is familiar with how to verify your Cash App identity, I figured it would be nice to clarify the step-by-step method of verifying your Cash App wallet. Here I am going to explore the Cash App verification process to help you get the full benefits of the Square payment app. Before jumping directly to know verification steps, let’s first know why verification is needed.

What is the need for Cash App verification?

Cash App has set an account limit for unverified users. An unverified user will submit up to $250 per week and receive $1000 per week. If you automatically attempt to submit more than that number, you will be prompted to go through the verification process.

How to verify identity on Cash App?

The method of verification of the Cash App is very simple and straightforward. Actually, along with the Social Security Number (SSN), the authentication method includes entering some personal information. There are steps to take if you have an SSN:

    Login to your Cash App.

    Go to the profile tab present at the top right corner.

    You can see a drop-down list, from this list you have to choose the “Personal” tab.

    Now, you need to fill in your details like D.O.B, billing address, and SSN.

    Let the changes be saved and proceed.

    Wait for up to 24 hours for getting approval.

This is the Cash App verification process a user undergoes for security purposes. Also, this verification process helps Increase The Money Sending Limit using your Cash App. After an account is verified, a user’s money spending limit will get increased.

Why is the Cash App asking for a driver’s license?

As identity proof, Cash App can ask you for various personal details as we mentioned in the steps. If you wish to enjoy the verified Cash App account advantages, you have to provide your driver’s license or SSN, or any other government-approved identity.

What is the Cash App verification time?

To verify your Cash App account, it will take up to 48 hours to have approval confirmation.

Tying this information here, we are hoping that you have now known the simple Cash App verification steps. Still, if you are facing any issues in using these steps or having any other Cash App issues, you can contact us anytime. We are readily available for your help.

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