How To Enable Government Check On Cash App?

When Cash App was launched, it was just a P2P transfer application that we have used to send or receive money. All you need to have is just email, phone, or the $Cashtag, and with a blink of an eye, you can send money.

Enable Government Check On Cash App

Cash App has been pushing several features and services which just improves the app experience plus the user experience. If you’re a Cash App user, you may already know that we can take advantage of direct deposit. In other words, if you want to receive a paycheck, then you can request the payments by sharing the routing number and the account number.

But a lot of people ask, is it possible to deposit a paper check on Cash App? Well, yes, you can easily deposit a paper check on Cash App and get the funds once they’re cleared.

So the first question that comes to our mind is:

How many ways are possible to receive funds on Cash App?

See, when you use Cash App, you connect your phone number and email id. Along with that, once your account is created, you can request for a $Cashtag, which is unique to your account. So, if you want to receive funds on your Cash App account, then you can either share the email id, phone number, or the $Cashtag. But if you are looking to receive salary or paychecks on Cash App, then you can do that too. There are two ways, either receive money through direct deposit or through paper check.

Yes, you read it right; on Cash App, you can request both paper checks and direct deposit.

Moving further:

How can we enable Cash App direct deposit?

Just like how easy it is to use Cash App, you can also easily set up your direct deposit. Here is what you need to do:

  • Open Cash App on your mobile device.
  • On the home page, click on the banking tab.
  • After that, click on the direct bank deposit button.
  • You will see the account number and routing number.
  • After that, you will then have to enter the employer’s details.
  • Once you fill in the details, you may copy the routing number and account number.
  • Fill up the details and share them with your employer.

Remember, you should also share the account number and the routing number with your employer, which they can use to initiate the direct deposit. 

Wait a minute:

What if I have a paper check and not a direct deposit thing? 

Well, you shouldn’t worry because on Cash App, you can also receive the funds if you have the paper check. For instance, some people receive the Government check, and they look for cash app stimulus check to submit process. If you’re one of those people, then this section will help you out.

See, as per the 2020’s update, Cash App has initiated the Mobile Check Capture option, which you can use to scan or capture the image of the check and submit it to Cash App. The Cash App will then process the check and will add funds to your account.

But I am not able to see the Mobile Check Option?

If that’s the case, then you should ensure that your account is verified. As if you are a non-verified Cash App user, you will not have access to many of the Cash App services, which includes direct deposit and mobile check. Apart from this, you should also ensure if you are using the latest Cash App version, as if you don’t, then due to privacy or security concerns, Cash App intentionally removes the option from the app. So once you update your app, you will see the option to scan the check.

Are there any eligibility criteria for submitting a Government check on Cash App?

The criteria are simple; you just need to be the authentic person responsible for the check. Apart from this, some other points that you should notice are:

  • The check is issued for you only.
  • The check is payable by the bank or the credit union.
  • It should be properly authenticated or signed.
  • There should not be any alterations in the check.
  • The date mentioned in the check should not be post-dated.
  • It has not been used previously.
  • It has not been dishonoured.

If you meet these criteria, you can easily submit your paper check through digital means, and quite soon, the check will be cleared.

Let us now finally know:

How can you submit a paper check on Cash App?

I am assuming that you have a paper check in your hand that you want to use to add funds to your account. So to do that, you need to follow the steps given below, but before that, make sure that you’ve installed the application and logged in to your account.

  • Once you log in, you will see the homepage of the Cash App.
  • On the homepage, click on the Banking Tab.
  • It will open a new screen showing some fund s related details; click on add funds.
  • Then it will ask you how you wish to add funds; choose the check option.
  • After that, you will click on the Mobile Capture Check option.
  • It will open the camera, but before that, it will ask for some permissions like Camera, Storage, etc.; you need to click on the allow button.
  • After the app gets the permissions, you will see the camera which you will use to scan/capture the photo of the paper check.
  • Make sure that the room has sufficient light and the details are properly visible.
  • Once you scan the image, you will notice that the details are automatically fetched by the app. We request you to ensure the details.
  • And finally, click on the submit check button.

So this is how you can submit a paper check on Cash App. If you have trouble while submitting the check, then you should connect with Cash App Customer Support Team.

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