How To Get A Cash App Card Without SSN?

When it comes to sending or receiving money online, the only application that comes to our mind is Cash App. There are several reasons why we use Cash App; for instance, sending or receiving money becomes easier, we can buy or sell Bitcoin, get several Cashbacks, and other related offers. Likewise, we can also request for free Cash App Card that we can use to withdraw money from ATMs or even use that card for shopping, etc. 

But the thing is, some of the Cash App users look online about activating Cash App Card, and when they request for the Cash App Card, they see a message in which Cash App asks for SSN. Well, if you’re also like those users who are looking for a solution, then this article can help you.

Before we proceed, let’s know first:

What is an SSN? And why do we need it on Cash App?

See, the SSN stands for Social Security Number; it is a nine-digit number that is unique and is assigned to all the citizens; you can use this number to verify your identity. Now, if we talk about why Cash App requires you to enter the SSN, then the short answer is to verify your account and to provide a safe and secure environment. 

When you create your Cash App account, then you’re a non-verified user with limited access to services and features. In other words, a non-verified user can send up to $250 per seven days, likewise can receive up to $1000 per 30 days. 

So if these limits are not a problem for you, then there is no need to verify your account. Else, you will have to.

Moving further:

Can I get a Cash Card without SSN?

Unfortunately, you can not get the Cash Card without SSN, as the Cash Card option is only enabled once you verify your account. In simple words, when you verify the account, the app enables other services such as Direct Deposit, Bitcoin Wallet, and much more. So if these services are being used, then to prevent market manipulation, Cash App asks for providing the SSN. 

Repeating again, if you don’t have the Social Security Number, then you Can’t Add Cash To Cash App after the limit is reached. Also, you can’t get the free Cash Card to withdraw money/funds.

So it means:

Can I send or receive funds without SSN?

Yes, you can do that. But remember, you will only be able to send or receive funds that lie between the limit set by the Cash App. Just for information, you can send up to $250 per seven days and can receive $1000 per 30 days. And once you cross the limit, you will not be able to perform any actions.

How to verify Cash App Account?

When you use Cash App for doing regular transactions, once you reach the limit of sending or receiving the funds, you will get a popup to verify your account. I assume that you’ve got the popup; just click on it, which will open a new screen. On the next screen, you need to provide your name, email, phone, last four digits of your Social Security Number, and your mailing address. Once you provide these details, click on the submit button.

So once these details are submitted, it will take around 24 hours to verify your account. And if there are any issues with the verification process, then you should get a popup or a notification/email for the same.

After the account is verified, the initial account limit will be removed, and you will be able to request for Cash Card too.

But the question is:

Why can’t I get Cash Card without SSN?

See, the only reason behind not getting the Cash Card is that the policies of the Cash App require the users to verify their account. If they don’t, then the chances of manipulating the market increase; also, in order to provide a safe and secure environment, the Cash App asks for these details. Some of the users have even tried to talk to Cash App Support to get any tips to get the Cash Card without SSN, but they failed as there is no way of getting the Cash Card without verifying the account.

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I believe that you’ve got all the answers to your query. Let us also discuss some:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve provided my SSN; still, after 24 hours, the account is not verified?

A: Well, in that case, you should first confirm if the details provided by you are accurate. Next, you should check if you’ve got any message which tells about the failure of the verification process; if so, then follow the on-screen instructions. Apart from this, you should wait for 1 to 3 business days in order to get a verified account.

Q: Can I create multiple accounts with the same SSN?

A: See, the primary of Cash App for verifying the users is that they should not be able to manipulate the market. So to avoid this, you need to provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number. And if you try to use the same SSN for verifying multiple accounts, then it will fail, and there are also good chances that the Cash App will ban your account for doing these kinds of activities because it goes against Cash App policies.

Q: How to know the status of my verification?

A: You can get the status of your verification process on your email or the phone as a message. If you are not receiving the message even after 3 days, then you should talk to Cash App Customer Service Number 24 Hours Team, which is available on Email, Live-Chat, and Toll-Free Numbers.

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