How To Send Bitcoin On Cash App?

From the very beginning of the Cash App, it has offered so many features and services to its users along with the best security and safety of our funds. And that is why when we talk about making transactions online, what comes to our mind is Cash App. Recently, Cash App has added a few more options which include Bitcoin transactions such as buying or selling bitcoin. Don’t worry; if you are new to this app, we will tell you how to send Bitcoin on Cash App. We will tell you step-by-step how you can use Cash App to buy or sell bitcoin.

We know that Bitcoin has been on a trend for the last few years; almost 70% of people are aware of Bitcoins, and 50% of people are now investing in or using Bitcoin. Also, it is clear that Cash App cares for its users, so when they found that people are also looking for ways to send or buy Bitcoin, they added the Bitcoin wallet through which you can buy or sell them.

So let’s get started with:

How to send Bitcoin on Cash App?

  • For the very first, Open Cash App on your mobile device.
  • On the home screen, tap on the Banking tab.
  • Then choose Bitcoin.
  • And hit Withdraw Bitcoin button.
  • After you do that, it will ask you to scan a QR code, or you may click on Use Wallet Address which allows entering code manually.
  • Finally, enter your Cash Pin or Touch ID, and the Bitcoin will be sent to another person.

Note: You need to know that Cash App only allows users to send or withdraw Bitcoin if the balance is a minimum of 0.001 Bitcoin. Likewise, you can withdraw only $2000 every 24 hours and $5000 for a time period of 7 days.

Now let us move further and know:

How To Buy Bitcoin On Cash App?

Just like sending the Bitcoin, the process of buying Bitcoin is also easy. Here is how to do that.

  • You need to install and log in to Cash App.
  • On the bottom menu, click on the Investing section.
  • Then you need to click on Bitcoin or Buying Stocks.
  • Click on Bitcoin and check the holdings of your Bitcoin.
  • Then you will see a button to Buy bitcoin; click on it.
  • Enter the amount you want to purchase.
  • If you want to buy any custom amount, click on the three-dots available at the bottom right corner.
  • Enter the amount that you’re willing to buy.
  • You now need to confirm the transaction, which also includes the overall transaction fees.
  • Finally, complete the transaction by entering the Pin.

Cash App Bitcoin Wallet

If you are a Cash App user, you must already know that there is an option for Bitcoin within the App. But a lot of people don’t find it. So if you’re also looking how you can find the option, then let us help you. 

See, any person who needs the Bitcoin Wallet service on Cash App will have to verify their account because Cash App’s Bitcoin Wallet service is only applicable for verified users in order to stop the manipulation of the market. So to verify your account, all you need to have is Social Security Number. 

Now, whenever you open the Cash App and reach the default limit, it will show a popup asking to verify your account. And for that, you should have the last four digits of your Social Security Number. 

Is Cash App a bitcoin wallet?

Cash App is actually a P2P application, and you can use this app to send or receive money without any hassle. Apart from this, the application has other services such as Cashbacks, Wallets, and much more. Talking about Bitcoin wallet, then you should know that Cash App has an option of Bitcoin Wallet which you can use to buy or sell Bitcoins. But to be eligible for this option, you need to provide the last four digits of your Social Security Number to Cash App, and once that’s verified, then your account will get complete benefits of the services offered by Cash App.

Cash App Bitcoin Wallet Address

If you already use Cash App and have enabled the Bitcoin Wallet in your account, then you must be looking for the Bitcoin Wallet option in Cash App. 

Well, Cash App has made it easier for you to easily copy the wallet address that you can use to receive Bitcoin.

Here is how you can find your Bitcoin Wallet Address.

  • Open Cash App on your mobile phone.
  • Click on the Banking Tab (on the home screen)
  • Tap Bitcoin option.
  • Click on the Receive Money (Bitcoin)
  • Once you click on it, the QR code or the wallet address will appear.
  • Click on the copy button next to your wallet address.

So this is how you can easily find the Bitcoin Wallet Address on Cash App.

How to send Bitcoin on Cash App to another wallet?

A lot of people look online about how they can send the Bitcoin on Cash App to another wallet. Well, the step here again is way too easy. Here is how you can do.

  • First, you need to open the Wallet in which you want to receive the Bitcoin from Cash App.
  • Then click on the Bitcoin Wallet (of receiving account) or Download the QR code.
  • After that, you need to open Cash App.
  • On the home screen, tap on the Banking Tab.
  • Then choose Bitcoin.
  • Click on the Send Bitcoin.
  • Then Scan the QR or paste the Wallet Address (of receiving account).
  • After that, confirm the transaction.

So this is how you can easily send Bitcoin from Cash App to another wallet. 

Note: Make sure the wallet address is of Bitcoin only. Otherwise the amount may be lost.

So this is how you can send Bitcoin on Cash App. Isn’t the process easier? Well, it is. But in case, if you face trouble while adding or sending the money, you should connect with Cash App Customer Support Team. The support executive will guide you and will help you sort out the issue.

Now, finally, let us move to some of the frequently asked questions.

I’ve sent money to external Wallet, it has not reflected instantly?

When you send the Bitcoin to an external wallet, it may take 30 to 40 minutes. Usually, this time is taken because there are multiple verifications done after transferring the Bitcoin.

Can I buy any number of Bitcoins?

Yes, you are all free to buy any number of Bitcoins through Cash App wallet. Though you should always check the price of Bitcoin, Cash App holds no responsibility for Bitcoin’s current market value.

I’m not able to see the Bitcoin wallet on my Cash App?

If that’s the case, then you should check if you’ve verified your identity through SSN. Any person below 18 and with a non-verified Cash App account is not able to send or receive bitcoin, and not even the Bitcoin Wallet will be accessible.

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