Privacy Policy

CashAppFix strictly considers and follows the process of guarding your personal and private information that you saved on our site. We strictly adhere to the policies that we’ve created to ensure our users’ safety on our site.

On this page, you will find all the concerned Privacy Policies of CashAppFix and henceforth, we may also be known or termed as “Company,” “We,” “Our,” “Us.” And all of our users and/or visitors will be known or termed as “You,” “Customers,” “Clients.”

Whenever you visit our website by any means, starting from the direct URL visits, to iFrame visits, we always try to serve the possible securities to ensure that all of your data and communication is secured with us.

A user can see some links on our sites that may lead to another website, and we do that intentionally so that you get the right information that may help you. When you are redirected to another website, you need to understand that we don’t have any control over sites that we’ve linked. And so you need to follow the privacy policy of that website. You should always check and rectify the privacy policy as listed by the other websites.

What information does CashAppFix collect from you? And how do we process that data or information?

We accept that we collect some minimal or relevant data from our users who visit our website to better their experience in terms of security and privacy. And we continuously work to provide enhanced access. As of a start, when you register on our website, you accept to save details such as Name, Email, Address, Contact Details. All of these data are stored so that your account or access could be made authentic and verified for better usability.

We’ve created a list of phases of information gathering that can help you better understand our privacy policy.

Phase 1: When you visit our website:

Whenever you visit our website, we collect:

Usage Statistics:

In this phase, we collect information such as from what website you’re coming, how long you’ve been on a certain website.

User Information:

In order to maintain the authenticity and usability of a user, we need to store some information such as Name, Email, Phone Number, Address.

Device Information:

To serve you the best experience on all devices, we capture a few details such as the Operating System Name, version of the OS, the Unique Identification Number, etc.


Our website offers two-way communication, and for that, we have enabled a comment system that allows users to post any comment that doesn’t violate our privacy and security. And so, when any comment is made, we store the name of the person commenting, along with the IP address, browser agent, and email. All these details are required to make the community secure from spammers.


When a comment is made, a general profile picture may appear on our website. The profile picture may appear from any of the concerned platforms:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Gravatar
  • Apple

As we may enable the APIs of these websites to make fast and once click login functionality. It is also recommended that you visit the websites mentioned above and check for their privacy policy.


If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.

Phase 2: When you reach our support:

Email Address:

Our chat support executive needs your email address so that we can communicate with you. When you share the email, it is stored with us for authenticity and validation that concerns the support.

Other Details:

When you call our support care, we ask for your name and concerned email, and both of them are stored with us for future validation. When you connect with us through email, we again store the email address, name, and contact details for further communication.

Phase 3: Information collected by Cookies:

Cookies are small files used to store some of your information, and these cookies are used by us to better your experience on our site.

As of Aug 2020, most of the browsers automatically permit the usage of cookies. And if you want to close that, you need to go to the concerned browser’s setting and/or set the preferences about what information to be used.

A gentle note: If you disable the cookies, some or most of our site won’t work as expected. So it is recommended that you enable that.

None of your private data (Password, Card Details) is collected. We are strictly against the collection of Passwords or Card Details.

Children’s Information:

We strictly encourage parents to have supervision on your children whenever they use our website. However, none of any part of the website contains any harsh or rough information or data which is not suitable for children. But we believe that you should not allow them to visit our website or provide any details on our website.

If you see that your data is compromised by any means, you should immediately consult our support. We will give our best efforts to remove any information provided by your children from our records.

Why does CashAppFix collect this data?

We collect information so that you can have a good experience on our website. Also, we strictly adhere to follow your privacy, and so we always give our level best to put your data in a highly encrypted space.


Note: We do not sell or share any of your information/data/details with anyone.