Report lost or stolen card

Cash App and Cash Card

Cash App has been one of the finest applications for transferring money, facilitating its users with ultimate benefits. It lets the users spend their cash app balance at the eligible retailers and allow them to withdraw cash from any ATM across the United States. This can be done with the help of a cash card which is a customizable card just like a normal debit card to make purchases from your Cash app balance.

You can use your cash card by attaching it to apple pay and Google pay as soon as you order it, or by using the card information found on the cash card page. To apply for a cash card, you must be at least 18 years old. You can use it anywhere both online as well as in stores where a visa is accepted.

There might be some problems that you may face with your cash card. One such instance is when you lost your cash card. We know that it is a very disrupting situation that you desire to settle down as soon as possible. 

If you are facing this situation, we would like to suggest you contact the merchant immediately to stop an unauthorized payment. It will cancel your pending transaction. Once you are done with this, it will take a maximum of 10 business days to receive a refund. Also, you can report your cash card as stolen to prevent additional cash card transactions from any unauthorized person. For this, you can follow the steps as:

  •       Go to your cash app home screen.
  •       Tap on the cash card tab.
  •       Click on your cash card image.
  •       Click Problem.
  •       The tap card is stolen.
  •       Verify by entering your PIN or touch ID.

With these simple steps, you can protect your cash app account from your stolen card. Further, if you need any additional support, you can connect with our executives at cash app customer support.

Report lost or stolen card

If your cash card has been lost or stolen, you can report this problem by contacting customer service immediately. It is the best way to prevent your account from any loss. Connecting with us instantly will let your card be canceled so that any fraudulent transactions cannot be done.

Within just a few simple taps, you can report the card lost or stolen and can prevent any unauthorized transaction. For this, you first need to visit the cash app home screen, and then heading towards the cash card tab. After clicking on the cash card image, tab on the problem. You need to now click on the option, “card stolen”. You will then be asked to fill the information like full name, card number, transaction history, and other relevant details.

The cash app will investigate the matter and take legal action if any fraudulent transactions are done via your lost or stolen card. The only thing you have to do is just inform us. Rest we will handle and settle down your problem as soon as possible.

Not only this, but we will also issue a new cash card so that you can make future transactions conveniently.

Get professional assistance to protect your account

You can get our excellent support services to protect your account from any sort of loss. Our executives will solve your problems instantly by investigating the matter as soon as you inform us.

We are ready to serve our customers 24*7. You can call us whenever you feel any problem while using your cash app. Our technical team combines their years of experience and knowledge to fix your problem. What are you waiting for? Get our professional assistance and ensure your account safety.


You can report your cash card as stolen through your app:

  • On your cash app home screen, tap on the cash card tab.
  • Click your cash card image.
  • Tap on the problem with the card.
  • Click card is stolen.
  • Verify by your touch ID or PIN.

Cash app transfers are fast and payment is made to the receiver immediately, even if scammed, getting the money back is not completely impossible. Once you have identified the transaction you want to cancel, tap it, the payment details menu will appear.