Why Does Cash App Keep Declining Payments?

More than 36 million users are using Cash App for doing secure online transactions. If you’re a Cash App user, you must be already aware of the benefits, features, and experience that it offers. But have you ever thought about why Cash App keep declining payments? Well, it happens in some cases while sending or receiving money, the payment declines. And you Remove The Payment Method which was initially attached to your account. Even though this is a good step, but it might not always work.

Now, the first question comes is:

Why does Cash App keep declining payments?

Before you begin with the answer, you must already know that Cash App loves its customers. And that’s why it offers so many features and services. Along with that, you get complete security while doing transactions. So to avoid any of your financial loss, Cash App intentionally declines some payments. For instance, if your Cash App Card lost somewhere, and you’ve initiated to block your account, then any transactions that might happen will be blocked. Even after you’ve got your card back, future transactions will still get declined unless you make a request to remove the hold from your account.

Why is Cash App declining my card for unusual activity?

If you’re using a new card to link to your account and suddenly you get a message that your card is declined due to unusual activity, then it simply means there’s something wrong with your account. For instance, you may have made a lot of failed login attempts in your account. Not only this much, but even if you’ve entered the wrong details in your account, say, name, date of birth, or card details, then also you may see this error. And there are cases when your account may have been reported for fraud activities or transactions; if something like this happens, you will again see the error.


How do I stop the Cash App from declining payments? 

Whenever you see a message saying Cash App declined your card or transaction, you need not worry a lot about this. Why? Because, this is a common issue, and sometimes users get the warning, but since you’re using the Cash App, the problem won’t last long. Your account just needs to be in good standing.

And since Cash App offers the most secure environment, so there are some scripts or, say, monitoring systems running in the background 24x7x365 that keep on monitoring your activity. For instance, it matches the transactional pattern, your average pattern and then matches with any future or new transaction. If the new transaction seems suspicious, so Cash App cancels the payment. 

But why do they do it?

Well, because there are chances that someone else has access to your account (this is what the system assumes), and so it declines the payment to avoid any financial losses.

Moving further, how can we stop this from happening?

The best thing you could do is always try to do transactions from the same device, never do multiple logins. 

Also, make sure that you use the same device while making any new transaction. Though this might not always be a problem, if the amount is big, then it may fail.

So this is how you can stop most of the payment failures on Cash App.

Moving further, let us also discuss some other reasons why the Cash App might fail or cancel the transaction.

Other Reasons of Cash App Payment Declined

See, Cash App is a small app, but with huge usage, so there are things that most people forget while using it.

Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Slow Internet
  • Account On Hold
  • Bank Servers Not Responding
  • Cash App Servers Not Responding
  • Outdated Application

You might think, how these could be a problem. So let us know.

Slow Internet

When you use slow Internet/WiFi, there are chances that the payment may happen twice. So in order to save your account from any financial losses, Cash App intentionally blocks or declines the transaction. The best solution is, always use good Internet or WiFi.

Account On Hold

If you’ve made any issues with your Cash App account, say, not verified, or any illegal or suspicious activities are done, then your future transactions may fail. So, if you’re seeing the failure message multiple times, the best way to sort this issue is to connect with Cash App Customer Support.

Bank Servers Not Responding

When you send money from your Cash App account or add money to your account, it comes from your bank (if not available in the wallet). So when the servers of the bank are not working or are under maintenance, you will always see that the transaction failed. To solve this out, make sure the bank servers are working by checking the balance before the transaction.

Cash App Servers Not Responding: Even if the bank servers are working fine, you should also ensure that Cash App servers are working. Usually, this happens only in rare cases, but if the transaction is failing, then there are chances that Cash App bank declined the transaction due to a busy server.

Outdated Application

We often ignore updating the apps to the latest version due to the space that it might take. But this should not be done because the new apps are more secure and have more features. So to avoid any financial losses, you may see failure messages multiple times while making a payment. 

So these were the ways to solve most of the Cash App transaction failure problems.


In most cases, we can solve the problem by following the steps mentioned above. But if you are still facing problems, you should consider connecting with Cash App Customer Support Team. The team is available on multiple channels such as Email, Live-Chat, and Toll-Free Numbers.

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