Why don’t I have the Borrow Option on Cash App? (Steps to Enable)

Cash App users love to use Cash App because it has so many features, services and comes up with several offers. If we talk about features and services, then we all know that it has one of the fastest technology implemented for sending or receiving funds; not only this, you can make direct deposits, withdraw funds with Cash Card, take advantage of a Bitcoin wallet, and much more. But if you’re willing to know about one of the recent offerings by Cash App, then here it is: You can now borrow money from Cash App, which you have to return in some time. But the main point is, you can easily get a loan from Cash App with just a few clicks only.

Now, being a Cash App user, you must be wondering:

Who can borrow money from Cash App?

See, Cash App has enabled this option for random 1000 users, but now most of the Cash App users are getting this option where they can enrol and request for Cash App loan, the funds are immediately transferred to the holder’s Cash App account, which they can withdraw through Cash App Card or just through the app. The person who takes the loan needs to return it before the due date; else, some late fine as interest will be imposed.


Why don’t I have the Borrow Option on Cash App?

Usually, this option appears on its own, but if you’ve not updated your app, then we request you to update it to the latest version. Sometimes, due to privacy concerns, the Cash App disables this option for users who are not using the latest version. Apart from this, you need to ensure that the account is verified. Just for your information, if you are a Cash App user but have not verified the account, then you will not be able to use this feature/service. Also, it is possible that Cash App has not yet enabled this option for your account because this feature is gradually being launched, so you should wait if you don’t see this option. Some people have also considered talking on the Cash App Customer Service Number 24 hours, but they got the response as to wait till they get the option.

How much money can we borrow from Cash App?

As of now, you can only borrow money between $20 to $200. Also, Cash App has not mentioned anywhere if this limit will be increased or if there is any way of increasing this limit. But for future references, we recommend our readers to keep the account in good standing and always pay the loan on time, which will enable your account to get more loans of a higher amount. Even missing a single day or single dollar will severely impact the score of your account, so always return the funds on time.

In how many days do I need to return the loan?

Well, when you take the loan from Cash App, then you need to return it within four weeks with a small interest. But if you’ve failed to do so, then there will be some additional late fine as interest. The interest for late deposits is non-compounding.

What is the total amount I need to repay in and after four weeks?

The logic is quite simple when you take the loan; you need to return in four weeks plus a 5% flat fee. Apart from this, if I assume that you’re not able to refund in four weeks, then you need to pay an additional 1.25% per week which is non-compounding. For instance, if you’ve taken a loan of $100, then you need to pay within four weeks a total of $105 which includes a $100 loan amount and $5 as a 5% fee.

How to pay the loan if I’m unable to add cash to Cash App?

The process of paying the loan back is quite simple; you just need to add funds to your Cash App account and then head to the loan section where it will ask you to repay the funds; if you click on the repay button, then the loan amount will be debited from your account. Also, if you’re unable to add cash to Cash App for the refund, then we request you to connect with the Cash App Customer Support Team as quickly as possible. You can just tell the executive that you can’t add funds; they will recommend to you some alternate options which you should follow to add funds to your account and repay the loan.

Is there any benefit to paying the loan on time?

Yes, there are several benefits of paying the loan on time; the first one is that your account history will be improved, which includes the performance of paying back the loan. The improved performance will help your account to get an increase in the loan amount. As of now, you will not see the increment in the loan amount, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay on time, as this will always be considered. So we recommend our users to pay the loan amount on time.

Where can I find this borrow option on Cash App?

When you open Cash App, you need to log in, and once you log in, on the home screen, you will see the option which will ask you to enter the amount; just enter the funds between $20 to $200, and then on the bottom section you will find the banking tab, click on it. After that, you will have to scroll to the bottom of the screen, where you should find the Borrow from Cash App button; click on it and follow the on-screen instructions.

So this is how you can easily borrow funds from Cash App. I hope you’ve got the solutions to your query; if you still have questions, we recommend you to connect with Cash App Helpline customer support.

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